Monday, 6 May 2013

Week 9:

Hey guys,

The lecture is up, take a read before tomorrows class so we can chat about it while we go over style guides.

As we chatted about in class last week, we will go through the lecture first thing, so make sure you are present by 10am. A lot of you were late last week and it slows down the class. We will be starting at 10 this week. Whatever you miss you will have to catch up in your own time. Come ready with any questions you may have so w can discuss as a group.

So it is very clear:

Lecture: Visual Hierarchy and Grids

Discussion Point: How has use of visual hierarchy and grid evolved with the emergence of digital technologies over the traditions qualities and potential constraints inherent in letterpress? Find 2 examples to compare and contrast. 
Post your response to the Studio Blog.

Studio: Conceptual and developmental ideation for potential topics for the online publication.

Self-directed: [SR1]: Research and develop methodologies for accessing, developing and producing content for the Project 2 publication. Individually set up a grid appropriate to the concept for the Project 2 publication.

See you all tomorrow; 9:45 Sharp.


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