Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How has use of visual hierarchy and grid evolved with the emergence of digital technologies over the traditions qualities and potential constrains inherent in letterpress?

Examining the two examples above of boxing posters, one from the digital era of printing and one from the pre digital era of letterpress printing we see the evolution of typography in the way visual hierarchy and grids have been used.

Both the "Clay vs Liston" (poster 1) poster and the "Holyfield vs Tyson II" (poster 2) poster are pretty much the same in what they are attempting to communicate to their audiences and so we see striking similarities in their grids and visual hierarchy. Just look at the main focus of both posters, the visual hierarchy in both leads you from the images of the boxers, to their names written in bold letters, then the next two focal points are the date and the venue.

Both posters do a great job of communicating what they are supposed to be communicating through well thought out visual hierarchy. Although poster 2 has been executed a whole lot better than poster 1 and is much easier to take in, mainly due to advantages of the digital technologies used to create it. The first and most evident difference is the ability to use photographs and a larger colour palette if needed, this helps in making the visual hierarchy more apparent to the audience. The next most noticeable difference would have to be the grid and the organisation of the type and imagery, although very similar we see in poster 2 that it is much more symmetrical and thus more readable and easier on the eye, while poster 1 has struggled with this aspect a little bit due to letterpress constraints, overall it looks a bit messier and less organised.

Another quite obvious difference between the two posters is that poster 1 is a lot more busier than poster 2 as it has a lot more information put on it. This is another great advantage of the digital era and the impact of the internet on typography. Poster 2 has simply put down the most crucial information and a website has been listed where you can find more detailed information, while poster 1 didn't have this luxury and so it was very important for the designer to include all information on just the poster, hindering him from being able to have a cleaner more organised looking grid and poster. Further on the impact of the internet on typography, it has brought along a whole new dimension to grids and visual hierarchy as websites are interactive with users.

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