Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Select two innovative typographic designers - one pre-digital (1984), the other contemporary. Provide a brief comparative analysis of their contributions to typographic practice supported by relevant examples of their work.

Neville Brody is a typographic designer. Born in London 1957. He is also a graphic Designer and Art director. He is best known for his work on “face Magazine” (1981-1986) and “Area Magazine” (1987-1990). Brody almost got thrown out of college for putting the Queen’s head on a stamp design sideways not straight as it should have been.

Neville Brody worked with Nike and came up with some great designs like this one, with type going in all different directions which makes it stand out. I like how the trainers sites on the type and also how the word “Bounce” looks like it is bouncing as well.

“The Face” magazine is one of the reasons why Neville Brody is very famous. With this design i like how the “F and E” have been exagerated so that they bleed of the edge of the paper, i also think that the slanted writing looks neat and keeps in well with the design.
Luke Lucas is a 37 year old freelance creative, art director, illustrator, designer and typographer from Melbourne, Australia. He loves that the same word, passage or even letter can be treated in bunch of different ways and embody entirely different meanings... That and through subtleties like a slight shift in line weight, the elongation of a tail or the arc you use, a letter can go from contemporary to traditional or happy to sad in a single stroke...


Compared two typographic designers. Neville Brody always use bold typeface. From his design I can roughly know what the product is and what they want to show. Luke Lucas uses similar method too. He use product to be the texture of typeface. I can know what this about. These two designer, one in pre-digital and the other in latter-day, they all make a huge contributions to typography.


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