Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Select two innovative typographic designers one predigital (1984), the other contemporary. Provide a brief comparative analysis of their contributions to typographic practice supported by relevant examples of their work.

Paul rand is designer that worked in the pre-digital era and was best known for pioneering the International Typographic Style or  Swiss Style along with creating some of the most iconic logo designs, some of which are still around today.
“Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations. “ P. Rand

“You do not worry about newness…you just worry about whether something is good or bad.” P. Rand
The above two quotes, being his philosophies on how to approach design are both evidently applied in the logo designs shown below which are mostly quite basic and simplistic in appearance.

Stefan Sagmeister is a very well known contemporary graphic designer. He known for designing posters, ads, installations, album covers and plenty more. What stands out most for his is probably his challenging and interesting application of typography in his designs. Looking at the posters below we see interesting original ideas and different ways of making and using type for example the scratches on the man's body or the use of chickens feet in "Hurry".

Both designers are or have been very influential throughout their careers, although they have both gone about it in different ways, Sagmeister is always looking to do something new something to challenge the way we see typography, while Rand actually had quite specific ideas and philosophies on how to approach design as shown in the two quotes above.


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