Saturday, 2 March 2013

Welcome to SDES2198 Advanced Typography & Publication Design Elective!

Hello there students of 2013 Semester 1! I am your friendly tutor Lauren and I would like to welcome you to our blog. We are going to be doing some blogging in this course and for the first time we will also be utilizing the social media site that is Facebook, with an Advanced Typography Group.

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One of the key reasons for this is that (as I am sure you already realise) social media such as Facebook, twitter, You Tube, issu and Blogger have taken over the web as major forces within the publishing industry. It is very beneficial for you to begin to (if you haven't already) engage with the world of publishing as shaped by social media which has rapidly become a significant element of the future of publishing.

You are going to have plenty of opportunities to do this during the course. Throughout the course there are self-directed research tasks that ask you to carry out research and respond either here on the blog or in the the studio.
Look out for invitations to join the blog as an author. Each student will be made an author able posts, links, videos and other material relevant to the course. Of course this blog is only for our course so other people (not in the class) will not be able to post to it. 

To accompany the blog I have started a facebook group which I recommend you to join. Alongside the blog, here I will be posting additional material such as videos, links to pages and key announcements regarding future classes that sometimes get overlooked on the blog. You will also find photos of previous students work which I will add to week to week. You can also use this group as a way to communicate and inspire each other. You can find our group at Advanced Typography by clicking this link.

The goal is to make your Advanced Type and Publishing Design elective as rich, engaging and as interactive as possible. Using a blog is also a fine way to get you thinking about the implications of this kind of technology in the context of publishing.

Get started by going to About this course and reading the CourseOutline and the DesignBriefs

In week 1 There is also the first of our online lectures located on the Online Lectures page of the blog. Please remember to get started on the Studio Research 2 task (Due in WEEK 2). There will be more online lectures later in the course beginning WEEK 5 - until then you will be focused on learning about and using Letterpress techniques in the studio.

If you are having troubles with any aspect of the course email me at

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