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Neutraface - this typeface was designed by Christian Schwartz for House Industries (an American type foundry) in 2002. It is a geometric sans serif typeface. The creation of this typeface was influenced by the characteristics of the architectural design of Richard Neutra. It was also developed with the assistance of Neutra's son and his former partner.

Richard Neutra
Richard Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892 and established his first own practice in Los Angeles in 1926. He was well-known with his residential buildings, while in his commercial projects, he could also resonate the same ecological-unity with the surrounding landscape and uncompromising functionalism. His attentions to the details of his project were not only being shown on the structure and appearances of the buildings, but also shown in the small details such as the signage for his buildings. Neutra specified lettering that open and unobtrusive, the same characteristic of his projects. Therefore, the design of Neutraface contents the same linear geometry with an unmistakably warm and human feel.

The Kaufmann House, designed by Richard Neutra in 1946

The design project of Neutraface was started with a goal of designing "the most typographically complete geometric sans serif family ever" by Christopher Schwartz. With the consultation with Neutra's son and his former partner, and the reference of Neutra's signage designs, the Neutraface alphabet was developed. As there were not many signs of Neutra's that could be referred to, much of the work of Schwartz was to interpret. Since Neutra never used any lowercase alphabet, Schwartz needed to interpret the possible designs and also reference from other typefaces such as Futura, Nobel and Tempo.

Neutraface Medium & Bold
Netraface has been widely used in the society since its development in 2002. Its simpleness and clean charactertistic have attracted many users. It is full of classic character, unique and subtle. It gives us a glimpse of how Neutra's architectural believes should be - linear and simple yet warm. 

The popularity of the use of Netraface can be seen in many places and different occasions. It could be the sign of a famous restaurant (e.g. New York Shake Shack Chain), the typeface of a book title (e.g. Taschen's Movie Icon), an advertisement (an ad of Wendy's fast food restaurant), and even the poster of Hollywood movie (e.g. Quantum of Solace). 
New York's Shake Shack Chain
Taschen's Movie Icons

Advertisement of Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant

poster of Movie- Quantum of Solace

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