Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Vinko - File Formats

Discussion Point: The digital desktop shifts the responsibility of preparing artwork for reproduction to the designer. Identify an area of file preparation you need to learn more about and provide and overview (200 word max) of the process and its significance.

The area of file preparation I really need to look more into would easily have to be file formats. There are a large variety of file formats that all have their pros and cons. The main differences between them all from my understanding is that some of the file sizes are made smaller and are compressed and so in turn information is lost and the quality of the file drops. These smaller file formats are great to use while working on the design as they don't take as long to process for the computer. Then there are other file formats which are much larger, take longer to process by a computer but have all the original information available resulting in better quality output. I think it is crucial for me as a graphic designer to understand how all these file formats work so that I know which ones are best to use for certain occasions.   

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