Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Discussion Point 3 - Chere

Discussion Point: The digital desktop shifts the responsibility of preparing artwork for reproduction to the designer. Identify an area of file preparation you need to learn more about and provide an overview (200 word max) of the process and its significance

An area of file preparation I would like to learn more about is colour spaces. It is something we've had direct experience with in the course of this elective. Colour spaces impacts accurate, consistent reproduction,
which fuels my concern. As it is a mix of knowledge and trial-and-error, I feel the best thing to do is to
leave oneself enough buffer time with hardcopies / trying out various printers to accurately ascertain the final look of the printed product. (of course, in conjunction with knowledge of colour profiles, paper, differing software/calibration/lighting conditions, and the many factors that affect how ink on paper looks!) 

Some interesting points I found out while reading up include:

- There are digital printers with more than 4 colours (for example Hexachrome)

- Rich Black / Litho Black is a useful swatch to keep on hand for deep, deep blacks. It is 70%, 40%, 40%, 100% (CMYK order)

- This chart:


Know Your Onions by Drew de Soto (an excellent read!)

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