Sunday, 9 June 2013

Discussion Point:3

The digital desktop shifts the responsibility of preparing artwork for reproduction to the designer. Identify an area of file preparation you need to learn more about and provide and overview (200 word max) of the process and its significance.

When I’m thinking about the area of file preparation that I need to learn more about it must be the colour management. As we know, we can create lots of colour in RBG mode, but some of them are not achievable if we using a standard four-color process printing. Therefore, we should start our document in CMYK colour mode to make sure that we have a better idea of how ours colour are going to print.
Also, we need to use Grayscale for Black and White artwork or images. We use extraordinary grayscale printing profiles that will only use the black, light black, and light light black inks to produce superior gray tones, without any color shift.

There are 2 types of black we can use when we doing printing—Rich black, and black. If we want an area of solid black in a document, we should us rich black, because it can make be mixing other colour of ink with black ink to produce a darker and deeper black.

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